Because Covid 19 -situation at the moment, we have to chance a little bit our playing systems and schelude of Mölkky EC 2021 in Finland.

This tournament will be played on the same weekend in connection with the Finnish championships

Please note, that Finnish Championships is open for everyone!!

We would like to introduce our new plan, please find as follow:

FRI 16.7.2021 10:00 am SM-Single (Finnish Championships, one player)

SA 17.7. 2021 9:00 am SM-Single Semi-Finals, Bronze-/ and Final Match

SA 17.7.2021 11:00 am EC-Championships, Triple players

SU 18.7.2021 9:00 am EC-Championships, Bronze-/ and Final Match

SU 18.7.2021 11:00 am SM-Duppeli (Finnish Championships, Two Players)

Registration Fees:

  • EC-Championships: 60€/Team
  • SM-Double (Finnish Championships), 45€/Team
  • SM-Single (Finnish Championships), 20€/Player

As said, everyone is eligible to participate in all three tournaments

Registration at latest 10.7.2021 https://kymilaiset.webnode.fi/ 

Other reason to postpone EC-tournament to same weekend with Finnish Championships is, that it seems like there is not coming many players from outside of Finland, and now we can offer real hyper weekend for every player.

You can participate for one, two or all three tournaments!

There is still possibility, that Covid 19 will be postpone tournament again, but we really hope that we can play tournament as this schedule.

Thanks for co-peration and have a nice Mölkky Summer!


Marko Timonen

Director of Urheiluseura Kaakon Sähly -07 ry/Finland.

P. +358 400 955 82

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